Products & Solutions.

JaMocha Tech has developed and deployed several enterprise class solutions/products for its customers which are rolled out for their own internal consumption or for their end customers. JaMocha Tech has also developed its own intellectual property in the form of products & solutions for various industry domains. These solutions are marketed and supported by its own internal teams.


A powerful enterprise workforce analytics platform to enhance employee engagement, optimize workforce performance and fine tune business processes. Some of the key benefits of ProHance include – improved decision making with meaningful, real-time data; better work-life balance by giving visibility into overworked and underutilized teams; increased transparency into outsourcing engagements and remote workers. Available to customers as an annual subscription (SaaS offering).

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This is a highly scalable, SNMP based, infrastructure monitoring platform. Extensive historical reports and real-time dashboards drive decisions around infrastructure – Availability, Utilization, Performance and Service Levels. Currently, used by one of the largest wireless broadband service providers in India for monitoring all their core and edge devices.


Extremely simple, yet highly flexible helpdesk solution. This was originally developed primarily for internal use at JaMocha Tech. But soon, customers saw immense value in using this tool for their own internal IT support. Some of the customers are currently using Techmate for managing their customer requests and support.


This is a mobile field force management solution. Useful for customers with staff on the field with handheld mobile devices (smart phones). Jobs can be created centrally and allocated to field staff. Time tracking with option to punch-in/out of a job. Provision to capture extensive field data using customized forms which can be generated on the fly and pushed to the field. Extensive reporting with real-time dashboards to drive efficiency and manage capacity on the field.


EcoBuddy is a comprehensive software solution that gives you automated power control (monitoring & management) of networked desktops and IP phones. EcoBuddy is designed to meet specific needs of an organization, while providing flexibility without impacting users or hampering service availability. It is easy to use and set-up, provides actionable and timely reports on power savings & consumption

Some of the other solutions developed by JaMocha Tech for its customers include

Digital Blanket

This is an IoT solution for enterprises with extensive integration of variety of sensors and end-devices. The data collected from several sources is aggregated and correlated to provide enterprises with rich, decision enabling analytics. In addition, the intuitive real-time dashboards help facilities staff to quickly troubleshoot and provide proactive support. The offerings in Digital Blanket are available for two key industry verticals – Smart Buildings & Smart Retail.

WAID Solution

Contract workforce in any organization is critical to its success as it provides flexibility and operational efficiency, while keeping firm focus on its core competencies. The management of contract workforce becomes critical in order to take care of security issues, fulfilling compliance norms, effective scheduling and tracking. The contract workforce management solution provides effective and efficient manpower planning, control, authentication, tracking and alignment to compliance norms. This solution is extremely beneficial in large manufacturing plants where significant labor is on contract.


This is a cloud-based business intelligence platform that delivers self-service data analysis, data visualization, business dashboards and ad-hoc reporting, enabling data driven decision making in an enterprise and its supply chain.